Hi! I’m SARAH.

Designer. WRITER. Cat entertainer extraordinaire.

In between Gilmore Girls binges and cat head scratching sessions, I help small female-powered businesses and non-profits showcase their brilliance through bold, brand-centric design and digital communications.

Crisp design and words are no longer a luxury; they’re a necessity. That’s why I love helping my clients escape Photoshop paralysis and communications conundrums to produce the pieces of their marketing puzzle they need most. I offer services in marketing collateral design, digital product design, and communications management.

Working with Sarah is so easy!

I loved the design work on her site so it was an easy decision to hire her. So glad I did! She communicates regularly and gets the job done as promised! I highly recommend her.

-Farideh, Launch Strategist & Musician, Farideh.com

3 Reasons We Should Work Together

I come from a writing AND design perspective.

My official degree is in English Writing, but I’ve spent plenty of years in the art world, too. From winning photography awards in high school, to launching a stationery business, to strolling the grounds of some of the top art festivals in the country (which, lucky for me, are conveniently located in Indy), I have an eye for design and a passion to make words look pretty. I’m still a writer at heart, though. I own too many notebooks, my desk is covered in pens, and nothing makes me happier than writing content that helps my clients connect with their dream clients.

I grew up in a small business.

It was inevitable I would go the self-employed route after growing up in a family screenprinting business. Being in that environment my entire life was a VIP ticket to understanding the ups and downs of the small business. It’s hard, but it can–and should!–be fun, and I love being a little piece of that fun equation for my clients’ businesses.

I get that you just want to work on the fun stuff.

Business should be about rewarding relationships and great products and services. As a small business owner, you just want to get out there and do your thing–to coach people to build their dream life, to sell funky cool handbags at the local craft fair, to change the lives of area kids by getting school supplies in their hands. You don’t want to have to worry about whether your email blasts suck or what the heck a hashtag is and how you use it. That’s where I come in–to help you wade through the lingo and start producing crisp, clear, brand-focused messages that excite your customers as much as they excite you. And we’ll have some fun in the process, because what’s business without the fun stuff?